I Must Decrease

Jeff Leigh

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Acoustic violin worship album with re-imagined familiar Hymn arrangements. The performer uses a single instrument to create all rhythms, harmonies, and melodies. Fun to listen to, great to worship by!

The track "Numerology of Loaves" is based on the numbers presented in Jesus' feeding of the four and five thousand. These numbers (1, 2, 5, 7, 12) are all theologically important to the Christian faith. The piece is a meditation about these miraculous events in Jesus' earthly ministry.

All tracks were recorded using a single violin (Augustus Wunderlich, maker, 1890's) and a Fishman SA220 acoustic amplifier. No other instruments were used. The various sounds were made using a bow, pizzicato, and percussive knocking on the instrument.

To contact Jeff, email him at Jeff.S.Leigh@gmail.com

Recording and mixing by Alex Casement, Parkshore Studios (Naples, FL).

Images and Photos are from the studio of Alysse Renee Photography, (AlysseRenee.com)

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